Solar projects development

To achieve the success of a photovoltaic project it is necessary to take into account a number of factors: location, design, development and execution. In the different phases we incorporate the professional profiles and tools necessary for the simulation and identification of risks. Our engineers and specialist teams work to ensure the excellence of the projects we develop.

Services include

Economic feasibility studies
Legal and financial consulting
Location search
Site Inspections
Financial studies and returns
Negotiation of rental agreements or land purchases
Engineering, studies, plans, surveys...
Topographic, hydrographic and geotechnical studies
Application for local and government permits
Management/Supervision of the project until COD
PPA Negotiation
Legal and tax advice
Electrical storage systems engineering


CONCOM performs the development engineering of the entire project, from the executive design, the geotechnical, topographic and environmental studies to the construction stage (ready to build, RTB), phase from which our service review of design remains in force and active to verify its operation until it enters into operation (Commercial operation date - COD).

Consulting – Advisory

CONCOM advises its clients in the acquisition of projects to third parties as well as in the valuation and analysis of proposals of all potential draft.


Proper and effective Operation and Maintenance safeguards your assets throughout their entire lifespans.

CONCOM offers a variety of services to improve and manage your assets already on grid. All of them are essential to secure your incomes and bring you tranquillity.

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